Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Squirrels, Woodpeckers, and Treasury HTML-ing Tools

I started this post because I was dying to try out the Etsy Treasury HTML Code Generator made by Whale Shark Websites. (And detailed on the Handmadeology blog. Thank you, Handmadeology!) "Aha!" I thought "What a nice idea for a quick blog post. Surely this will put me back on the path to blogging every single day!"
As is my habit, however, I blew this project all out of proportion, and now it's this monster post. Hi!
Okay. So. What better way to test out this tool than by illustrating the ancient war that has been raging on my porch all summer?
Squirrels. Woodpeckers. What do they have in common? They both covet acorns. Specifically the acorns that the woodpeckers have been *ahem* squirreling away under the eaves and in the walls of my house for, oh, eons. The squirrels got wind of this, and bam! Turf war, right on my porch. Right in front of my studio window, in fact. Now, before you accuse me of having a wild imagination and a lying cheating heart, BEHOLD THE FOOTAGE:

Squirrels hate Woodpeckers. And vice versa. from Absolutely Small on Vimeo.

There. Actual, filmy proof of the hatred squirrels and woodpeckers harbor in their bosoms for one another. On my porch. And walls.
And here's the treasury to commemorate The Great Squirrel/Woodpecker Battle of 2011:

'Squirrels vs Woodpeckers' by absolutelysmall

Squirrels and Woodpeckers are mortal enemies. I know this because there is currently a turf war on my porch. At stake are literally THOUSANDS of acorns stuffed into the walls and under the eaves. Who will win? Only time will tell.

ORIGINAL Squirrel Water...

WOODPECKER Bird Waterco...

Still I Love Snow - Squ...

ACEO signed PRINT - Woo...

garden woodpecker limit...

Squirrel Art - Jane Ste...

5x7 Print Downy Woodpec...

Peek - Grey and Brown S...

Meet Sam The Smallest S...

Woodpecker, Limited Edi...

Love to Swing - PRINT

Woodpecker print 5x7

Red-headed Woodpecker W...

Squirrel Art - Dionysus...

Needle Felted Red Belli...

Needle Felted Wool Ani...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Look at that! You can click on everything! And I coded NOTHING! Hooray!
In other words, dang, this tool is fun. I see myself making a LOT more treasuries in the future thanks to this baby.
Go forth and add treasuries to your blogs willy nilly, people!

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