Friday, September 23, 2011

A new custom Chickenpants - EMT CP!

I recently completed this custom order, and I just had to share him with you. There was an awful lot of hand stitching involved, and I loooooved doing it! The idea of tiny working pockets just delights me to no end. So does the idea of making things that are ridiculously detailed to the point of one being utterly unable to make a profit on them. (Er, not that this guy was, but you know, in general.) Which begs the question: is miniature crafting some sort of mental illness? And is there a suitable name for it? Minimania? What would you call it?


Jenny said...

I like your sound effects as well....I also am a hummer, cha cha-er, tss tss tsssss-er....anyway, what I came to tell you is that the pocketyness is seriously impressive.

In dance we frequently talk about "the thing" usually referring to whatever it is we're getting at through our's the thing. It's hard for us to talk without moving, so you might be able to imagine how hard it is for me to type that without wishing there were some way to MOVE the internet so you could feel what I'm saying.

From a purely observational and artistic perspective, I admire your dedication to the pockets. They are so tiny, yet so impressive, and quite well made from what I can see. Sometimes when I'm tidying house, I come across my roommates' stuffs and I hesitate, but then I say to myself, "if you're gonna do it, you gotta DO it." Meaning, if tidiness is what I want, then tidiness I shall do no matter whose clutters the path. Tidying only parts of places is not's only partly tidy....but that's just my opinion. My point is that you could have only given the idea of pockets by sewing a patch and maybe a button, but you didn't. If it's pockets you want, it's pockets you shall make, no matter how "absolutely small."

So artistically speaking, I am touched by your thoughtfulness to give this fictional character the non-fiction of pockets. Technically speaking, I am also impressed because I just started using my new sewing machine, and I sewed some tiny squares together....tiny like 1" squares. It turned out alright, but......could someone send over a chiropractor?

Eerika said...

Having made Blythe-sized cargo pants with 6 fully functioning pockets (and the thigh pockets have pleats!), I can say that you are not alone with your minimania. It really must be some sort of mental illness, because I find sewing little fiddly bits kind of fun, of all things.
I'll hunt down some photos of the pants I made, if for no other purpose than to prove how far I've gone in my minimania! :D

Claire said...

Ha ha! Thanks! Sadly, I do a lot of sound effects without realizing that I'm doing them.
I like that phrase- "If you're gonna do it, you gotta DO it." That totally needs to be embroidered onto something. Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment!

Claire said...

Oh my gosh, that's awesome!! Please do share those pics! That's amazing. It is fun, isn't it? I guess I like the challenge of seeing how tiny I can go.

Jenny said...

haha, you guys are nutz! I'm smiling when I say that, though!!

I'm visualizing some high-tech looking lab type room with those special neat looking glowy lights they tend to portray in labs on tv shows, all kinds of unidentifiable fancy equipment which is clearly very expensive and quality because of how unidentifiable it is. You're very careful to walk through because the slightest mis-step could ruin everything...

Then you come to a crazy haired woman (or maybe her hair is normal, i don't know...), and she pops her head up, and she's wearing highly powerful magnifying goggles which make her eyes look huge, and where you thought you'd find beakers and strange concoctions, there are needles and thread...fabric, and tiny pockets. All those fancy machines were just sewing machines made for sewing tiny things....

!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!
keep on with your minimania!!

Jenny said...

I also had a dance teacher who'd tell us, "If you never go there, you never will."

It meant that if you never just went for it and at least TRIED doing three turns instead of two....then you'd never do three turns instead of just two. Or whatever the challenge in question may be...

That was one of my favorites, ten years later, and I'm still inspired by it :)


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