Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Couple of quick things

I woke up to a really great link in my email this moring. Check out the felt ABC book a reader made:
Yes! Awesome!

In other news:

I have two separate marketing posts in my drafts. One is whiny, one is a project I started and then needed to scrap. Sometimes not having the time to post your ideas immediately is a very good thing.

Been working on lots of custom orders. Such as this tiny showgirl:
Chickenpants Showgirls
She's only 11 cm tall. Actual conversation snippet:
Dan: She's a miniature showgirl Chickenpants?
Me: Yes.
Dan: So...that would make her a bantam?
Me: Yes! Nice useage of chicken terminology!
Dan: I thought so.

Important tip: marry a man who knows his way around chicken vocabulary.

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