Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Crafting - Embroidered Bib

I haven't been making as much stuff for Olive lately (shame!), but I have been making more stuff in general.
I wanted to test out the new Bunnies in the Kitchen embroidery pattern I designed, and we always need more bibs, so voila! Embroidered bib.
I knew it would get ruined within minutes of making it, so I deliberately chose quick stitches. This is not exactly an heirloom. :)
It went together very quickly. And yes, within a few hours, stained by something or other. But hey, it's still in circulation! So that's something.
Embroidered Bunny bib 1


Stephanie Soebbing said...

Very cute. I wish I knew how to embroider.

Claire said...

Thanks! There's a really nice Instructable on embroidery, actually: Embroidery is really easy, and strangely satisfying...give it a shot. (And, super cheap to try out. That helps, too.)


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