Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft Room Organization- The Best Way To Organize Fabric, EVER.

My studio is far from all organized, but I just had to share this with you. A little while ago I came across a great tutorial by Sew Fantiastic on how to organize your fabric. She came up with the idea to wrap your fabric around comic book backer boards.
She is a GENIUS. I've been using this method for a few months now, and it is perfect. My stash is still organized, and everything is easy to see at a glance. And easy to put away. And pull out. Added bonus: comic book backer boards are CHEAP. My local comics place sells 25 of them for $2.
Organized fabric
Basically, you fold your fabric neatly in half, then fold it around the board and pin into place. Simple, and it works. I'm using this technique for knits, silks, and even ripstop. (For unpinnable/delicate fabrics, just use a little binder clip instead of a pin. Done.) I have every thing from tiny, less than a fat quarter sized bits to multi yard swaths on these boards.
Stacks of fabric
Life is good. Fabric is gloriously organized. It's like my own tiny fabric shop.
Thank you, Sew Fantastic! You can check out the full tutorial here: Check out her scrappy storage tutorial while you're at it. I'm using this system, too. It also works really well for me!


kate said...

What a wonderful idea! Right now all my fabrics are folded up in a big rubbermade container, but this is a much cuter alternative!

Kelly said...

Great share!! Thank you was looking on the best way to store my faux suede without so many folds. Tried it and love it!!

1upcollectibles said...

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