Friday, April 29, 2011

A really awful way to find out people care about you - **Updated**

I've been cleaning up the hugest mess all day. Earlier today (Friday), my Gmail account was hacked. The one I've had forever, the one that's linked to everything. And then, shortly after, my outdated but still linked to lots of things Yahoo email was hacked. And then, apparently, an old Facebook account that I can no longer get into. And then I'm pretty sure the world burst into flames.
To sum up, no, I'm not mugged and penniless in London. Actually, I've never been to London. I'm home with a newborn. These shysters made up quite the worrying message to beg money off of everyone I've ever emailed.
I've been utterly inundated with concerned phone calls, texts, tweets, carrier pigeons, etc etc etc making sure that I'm okay, and that I know I've been hacked. (I know.)
If you received one of these horrid email turds, please delete it. And accept my sincere apologies that you had to look at such nonsense. And accept this metaphorical ice cream cone.
If you're one of the concerned ones who contacted me in some way, the above still applies, but please accept TWO metaphorical ice cream scoops. I love you.

**Update - 4/30**
I just received a screen shot of the email that was sent out. Turns out, they want you to reply to an Yahoo email address that is very close to mine that they set up for EVIL. I don't use Yahoo, haven't for a few years.
I am so creeped out and frustrated right now. Eeeep.


Kelly said...

LOL. I'll take a metaphorical ice cream cone, thanks. Sorry you have such a mess to clean up. Hey, at least you're okay!

Kelly @ all. about. knitting.

lyptis said...

Ack, this is AWFUL!! I'm glad you got it sorted, somehow. Terrible thing.

Eerika said...

Gah, what an awful thing! I hope you can get your accounts back with the minimum of fuss.
And if it helps any, the spam e-mail was hilariously badly written and I was rather amused by it. :D

Claire said...

That's a good reaction! Seriously, I am so embarrassed right now. Blerg.

Claire said...

Thanks! I'm doing my best.

Claire said...

Thanks Kelly! At least it was only my email that got mugged, right?


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