Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly roundup

I had such plans at the beginning of this week to be a good blogger. I was going to post! Things! And they would be interesting!
Alas, that obviously did not happen.
I've been crafting like a maniac, but I don't have much to say. I've recently undertaken a huge project for myself that has taken a turn for the insane. (More on that later.)
I've been working on custom Chickenpants a lot lately, too:
Like all good Chickenpants gatherings, this one had an abundant supply of snacks.
Yay! Keep those orders rolling in! They're my favorite ones.
And of course, there has been plenty of this:
Summer ennui
Laying about. Mostly due to the tons of rib pain. It makes sewing very tough. Lame!

May your weekends be free of rib pain, and full of coffee and booze!


Kitty Vane said...

Could my weekend be full of hot coco and juice instead? I don't really like coffee of booze.

I hope the rib pain will go away and never come back!

Absolutely Small said...

Sure, but I can have those things too, so they're not as taboo. :P

Alex said...

My weekend was full of those things! Thanks for wishing it upon me, I think it came true.

Absolutely Small said...

You've got rib pain? What happened?


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