Monday, September 13, 2010

New Affiliations

Hello, lovelies! I am writing to you today from the land of not-quite-enough-sleep. Delightful place. I've been living there for the past week or so. I should probably just start getting my mail forwarded here, actually.
All that is just my way of saying, hey, I have something new to tell you, but on account of the lack of sleep, it may or may not make sense!
Here we go.
Craft Leftovers, my most favorite of zines, approached me to test out something new. An affiliate program! It's new for them, and new for me since I've never tried out anything like this before.
Basically, if you click over to their site from here and wind up buying something, I get a small cut. Woo! Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Shameless merchandising? You bet!
Let's start off with the September issue, which I could not be more excited about.

It's all about miniature crafting! Check out the table of contents:

Hi Ya - Notes from me to you
Smitten Knitten - a knit kitty for your littlest friends
A few of My Favorite Things
Mini Fabric Banner by Claire Chambers of Absolutely Small (hey, that's me!)
Chatting with Denise of Denise's Shop - the maker of the cutest tiny amigruimi creations around
The Crafty Life
Make a Matchbox by Su Mwamba of Tangle Crafts
On the Web
Stitch up a Mini Tie Quilt for your mini bed
Color IT!
Make Your Own Borrowers Rug
Dwelling on Dollhouses
Thrift Kitchen: Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes
Mini CLM
Find the Words
Tiny Reading Chair
Knitting on the Smallest Scale with the Smallest Hands
Until Next Time

Fun stuff, right? If you're so inclined, hop on over and check it out! There we go! That was the affiliate link!

Still with me? Ok, cool. I'll be back (hopefully soonish) with more tales of buffoonery.
(Did you know buffoonery is a real word? Me neither. Oh man I need a nap.)

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