Monday, September 20, 2010

20 Weeks

The westward expansion
And today is the big ultrasound! Today we find out the baby's gender. I'm 99% convinced it's a girl. Come on science, prove me right!


Anonymous said...

Hysterical photo! Love it.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great photo! I hope things went well with the ultrasound!!!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you both!

Michelle said...

Using that photo as a guide, I'm also 20 weeks along! Except, I'm not pregnant. :(

(And OMG, the word verification for this comment is "fatiness". Thanks A LOT Blogger.

Absolutely Small said...

Okay, that's just mean. What gets into Blogger?

Danielleorama said...

congrats on a having a lil girl! Is that how you say that? :|

Love! this photo, soon it'll cover(topenga's?buster's? nose:)

haha @michelle's comment, I am also 20weeks along with the fatiness *sigh*

Absolutely Small said...

I think so. I don't really know, it's my first time around, too. :)


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