Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration Friday!

As I have gone on and on about, I have been out of town. And away from all computers. Which means I've had far less time to find delightful gems of the interwebs to share with you all. But I do have some!

Want to start (or restart) drawing your life? Michael Nobbs is here! He's generously released a free ebook about just that: Start to Draw Your Life and 75 Ways to Draw More.

Michael Nobbs has become my new favorite person on Twitter. He has wonderful tweets about the creative life, particularly managing it when you have less than abundant energy. Follow him! @michaelnobbs
Heck, read his blog, too. It's pretty fantastic.

I could just end Inspiration Friday right now, just pass the baton to Michael Nobbs and call it a day.
But no.
I have one more tidbit. One geeky, geeky tidbit:

Who knew there was so much dancing in the original Trek?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Teddy Started It said...

Wow, thanks for introducing me to Michael Nobbs. Can't wait to get into his ebook.

Absolutely Small said...

It's great! I'm glad you're enjoying him. :)


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