Thursday, April 29, 2010

Craft Show Packing Checklist

For way too long, I had pages and pages of possible things to pack for shows. Pages I downloaded off the internet, pages I hand wrote, pages pages pages. All of which just left me feeling panicky that I had forgotten something.
Well, no longer! I finally bit the bullet and condensed all those pages full of things that only half way applied to me, and made them ONE.
And I'm sharing it with you.
Behold! The one page show packing list!
Click here to download the Craft Show Packing List!
It will open in a new tab. To save it, click on File, then Download As. Pick your favorite format, and you're good to go.

A caveat, of course: Look over this list. Personalize it. Everyone brings slightly different stuff with them to shows. Take the time, and your future self will thank you. (It's really not that much time.)

Best wishes for all your future craft shows!


Holly said...

Thanks so much for the great list.

Absolutely Small said...

You're very welcome!

Web Designer Philippines said...

Your blog is wonderful.

Have a blessed day!

Donnatella said...

Thanks so much for your list. I really got a lot out of it.


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