Monday, March 29, 2010

Mmmmmmonday News!

Hello my lovlies! How was your weekend? Me? Not bad. I found a pair of dark purple velvet Docs at a thrift fantastic!

This Monday I have exciting Absolutely Small news, though:
I have marked way down ALL the original paintings in the shop. ALL of them. Bad Dog paintings? Framed paintings? Tiny paintings? YES!
I need to free up some space in my studio and shop. 250+ listings is exhausting! I never seem to have the table space for them at shows, either. And I have so many new Chickenpants to share with you.
So grab them while you can. You can find them all in the Creature Closeout section of the shop.

New Chickenpants? You bet! Here's a few of the new additions.


William Eggerston!

And some nifty new pouches, including this chicken-y one:

I'll be adding new Chickepants and other goodies every day this week, so stay tuned. (You can subscribe to the shop's RSS feed, if you're so inclined and don't want anyone to snipe you out of a brand new CP!)

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