Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little procrastination - good for the soul, bad for the pocket book

This is what procrastination sounds like for me(this time around, anyway):

  • Hey, look at her eyeshadow. I like that. I want that.

  • I'll just take a peek at this Etsy seller's shop.

  • (45 mins later) MUST. HAVE. COSMETICS.

  • ($45 dollars later) Ahhh. That felt good. I am so excited to get some new cosmetics. You know, I really needed these. My eyelids have been so boring, my whole life.

  • You know what else is boring? My blond hair. So...conformist. Maybe I should dye it black, like the girl in these goth makeup tutorials I've been watching on YouTube for the past hour and a half.

  • Or red. Fire engine red!

  • I think I need some more foundation.

  • (after searching on Ebay for an hour) What? The kind I bought at Costco in a sample kit two years ago is now going for $25? That's crazy! If I'm going to spend that sort of money, I'll do it on Etsy.

  • (After searching on Etsy for 2 hours) So...many...choices. What color is my skin? So many beiges...Undercolor? I DON'T KNOW! I'm an ARTIST and I don't know!!

  • (Scrutinize face in the mirror, freak out over emerging wrinkles) Oh, that's what color it is.

  • Hey, the sample kit I wanted to buy sold! There aren't any left in the shop! Poo.

  • Wait a I have anything to exfoliate with?


(If my beloved custom customers are reading this, fear not! Your custom CPs are well under way, and will be all finished up very soon! Like...later today, probably!)


Lindsay Road said...

That's so me on the internet - it's what I'm doing right now!

- Allison

Teddy Started It said...

Hahahaha...what did the ADD-afflicted do before the internet?

Absolutely Small said...

This is late, but thank you both for your comments!


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