Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When I was little I used to believe...

Me when I was wee

That falling in love literally meant two people falling down.

I used to believe that in Chinese restaurants they salted the dishes before putting food on them. I always looked for grains of salt, but never saw any. This was based on mishearing something my Dad said.

I misheard a lot of stuff. Still do, actually. For instance, remember the old Juicy Fruit commercials? The ones where young people would be skiing, or surfing, or some outdoorsy activity, all while chewing gum? Right. I was convinced that the tag line was "Juicy Fruit: the taste is Gunamooga." I thought this was just a word they came up with to desrcibe the flavor of the gum.

I was convinced for the longest time that if you accidentally ate a fishbone it would travel through your bloodstream, pierce your heart, and you would die. No, seriously. I swear my parents told me this. They swear differently. They are wrong. The really embarrassing part is that I believed this until I was 17 or 18.

What did you used to think when you were little? You are all hereby tagged! Please leave it in the comments below! (If you wind up writing a blog post about it, tell me in the comments. I want to read it!)

And if you want to kill half a day laughing until you cry, go visit iusedtobelieve.com It's old, but still one of the funniest sites ever.


ArtTales said...

I believed that about the fish bone too! Maybe thats the real reason behind why I don't like seafood.

When I was little, my Dad told me that there was a shot that vets could give puppies and kitties to keep them small. I'm not sure if that was to make me happy, or to say that vets are evil, immoral people.

I always misunderstand lyrics to songs. Usually I end up making up my own words like you hehe

Absolutely Small said...

I've never met anyone who shared my crazy fish bone belief! Wild!

Thanks for your comment!

Anne said...

I thought there were giraffes in the house because my parents always talked about "drafts" which I misunderstood. I thought the Jersey shore town we went to was Stone Horrible (Stone Harbor).

Kunklebaby said...

Hahaha! Fun! :D

SonoSono said...

I was born in Japan, and when I first found out that there were many people in the world who only spoke English, I couldn't wrap my head around it! I assumed that those people must think in Japanese even if they speak English when they are communicating.

Now, I think more often in English than Japanese! :)

Marta said...

I used to believe if you ate watermelon seeds, they'd grow in your stomach. Even after my older brother finally admitted it was a trick, I still secretly suspected it would happen!

Erica said...

when I was little I was convinced I could fly, which was very dangerous and scared my mom. A lot.

Teddy Started It said...

Well, that's 3 of us who fell for that fishbone story. My folks told me that one too.

I used to believe that God chose women at random to become pregnant. You know, that the mom and dad had no choice in the matter. When I was 7, my mom became pregnant. I ran around telling everyone it was a MIRACLE. And all the grownups agreed with me - which only fueled my belief.

I also used to believe that if you swallowed your gum it hung on your ribs forever. I had this picture in my mind of my ribs just totally gunked up w/gum. I can still see it. Ick!

kimbuktu said...

When I was little I believed when babies were given to the bride and groom as wedding gifts. I don't really remember this, but my Mom tells me I was very disappointed after watching a bride unwrap all her presents that there wasn't even one baby!

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha ha! I am enjoying all of your comments SO much! ^-^
Anne: I don't think I'll ever think of towns with Harbor in the name as anything other than "Horrible" ever again.
Sonosono: I wish I could think in Japanese. Or speak it.
Marta: Too funny!
Erica: I bet there are some hilarious stories there...
Teddy: High five! I've never met anyone else who was told the fishbone story.
Kimbuktu: That's adorable! ^-^

Kitty Vane said...

I didn't have many silly beliefs as a kid, my parents were practical people and dispelled a lot of myths for us.

Still, I did believe that if you swallowed gum, it would stay in your stomach for ever and ever.
I also thought every family had a dog (we grew up with a big Old English Sheepdog who was just 6 months older than me & my brother) and that a family wasn't a proper family if they didn't have a dog.

Amy said...

I, like Marta, believed the watermelon seed story. My papa used to tell me that and I believed him!

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of the misheard lyrics. I thought Phil Collins's "One More Night" was saying "Maw-Maw Nun." A maw-maw is a grandma in Cajun dialect.

I was also convinced that they shot the video for "Somewhere Out There" from the Fivel movie at my house because the windows looked like my French doors. Here's a link to the video.

Lori said...

The only thing I can remember thinking (or believing) was how babies are made. I was convinced that it had something to do with your belly button - an otherwise useless body part. :) Of course, I was too embarrassed to ask anyone so I just went on believing this until I had my first child - THEN I knew. (just kidding!)

Absolutely Small said...

Kitty: I like your dog belief! Too funny.

Amy: Looks like a lot of us were hoodwinked by that one. ^-^

Scrivener: I remember Fivel! Song lyrics are an awful lot more fun misheard, aren't they? Maw-maw Nun...brilliant!

Lori: That is hilarious! I don't think I've heard that one before. I'm still laughing. Your comment is great!


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