Thursday, February 18, 2010

In which there is sun

We've had four days of perfect, brilliant sun and no clouds. Oh, and it's warm. This, my friends, is the false spring that hits the foothills every year. I will not be taken in this time!
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm taken in every time. The sun sticks around just long enough that you begin to form a fragile sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, winter is over. Maybe global warming is working for YOU.
And somehow, this never works out.
Whatever! I've bought a couple of (cold hardy!) plants, and lo! I have planted them. And, because spring fever has hit me ferociously, I have photographed them:

I need more plants.
I was going to plant some bulbs in the front yard yesterday, when I looked at this*:
Front of the house
I put down my shovel and declared "You have mocked me for the last time, lattice! Nay, you have mocked the neighborhood for the last time! You are done, sir!"
That nasty falling apart lattice has been bugging me ever since we moved in. So yesterday, I put on some gloves and did something about it.
Behold the results of three hours of hammering, breaking, and kicking:
It turns out I am totally MIGHTY!
So much better!

Here's hoping that some sun finds you, where ever you are. ^-^

*Photographed right after we moved in. Hence the many trashbags. Believe it or not, the lattice looked even worse yesterday.


SugarberrySensations said...

I am sooo jealous you have had such a nice taste of Spring! I don't know that I've ever been so ready for Spring!!!!

Beautiful flowers!


The Curious Pug said...

you have a cute pug!

Lauren Davis said...

Wasn't that little visit from the sun nice? And now it's gone and the fall and rain have rolled back in.
Sigh . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Next time you start berating your home's exterior, I am going to call a nice psychologist.

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone! ^-^
I had to go & ruin the sunshine by posting about it. Now it's gone...

Scrivner: Ha! If you could only see all the peeling paint & rotting beams...

Teddy Started It said...

Oh yeah, I know it felt good tearing that lattice down! But oh, the spring tease. N.Texas is famous for that. We'll have sun and mid 60s followed by low 40s w/30 mph winds. Of course, the nice days are always during the week. The cold blustery days are ALWAYS on the Saturdays we have morning soccer games. Still, I'll take it over my "back home" mid-atlantic Februaries any day of the week.

Absolutely Small said...

Agreed! Although I wish we had more snow, I don't envy our friends on the east coast with their bucketloads of it!


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