Monday, February 15, 2010

And the winner is...

Random Number Generator has spoken! The winner is...

Commenter #8 who is...holy cow, it's Teddy Started It! The gal who said "THAT CHICKENPANTS IS MINE!" very early on. Well, congratulations, missy!

Thank you for all the comments, everyone! And for helping me to hang in there for three whole years. ^-^ I wish I could send you all gifts!

Also, can I just say thank goodness for Because how on earth could I choose? Yikes. Especially with Flickr friends upping the ante with photos like this:

and this:
The Chickenpants Menace: Episode One (The one where George gets us all crazy and then I stand outside Toys R Us until midnight for toys!)
and this!
Chicken Wars: Special Edition (The one where George goes Chickenpants crazy and adds them in everywhere...digitally)
You all amaze me constantly. Thank you!


Snow said...

You amaze us! :D

Congrats to Teddy Started It!

Teddy Started It said...

I'm so happy I could dance a happy Chickenpants dance! Which is not nearly as cute as when Chickenpants dance, because, well, I'm much bigger than a Chickenpants. And let's face it, bigger is almost never cuter. But I don't care, because I won Chickenpants #285 and I'm gonna dance about it all day!

Sorry to everybody who didn't win - but I DID tell you he was mine:D

Marta said...

Next time, Gadge- Teddy! Next time!


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