Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avatar: the update

Remember a week ago, how I posted a post confessing my ignorance of the whole Avatar thing, figuring it was a movie adaptation of Avatar: the Last Airbender?

It exists! There really is an Airbender movie!
Guess who picked up the...giant stick wielding bald headed kid and made a giant motion picture?
M. Night Shyamalan!

Two things to notice:
1. BLUE. Check out all the blue in that poster. See, mistaking one Avatar for the other is totally reasonable.
2. They dropped the Avatar part of the name. The first part of the name, also arguably the main part of the name. (It's not like it would be any more confusing to have two Avatar movies running around. Just think of all the movie titles last year that involved "9". No, wait, that is totally confusing.)

Right. So this movie = totally my idea. Please send checks here: Absolutely Small, 1 Big Head Lane, Shamelessville, CA. Attn: Tiara Buying Division.


TheFrogBag said...

Haha! I kind of thought that was what Avatar was at first too... ;)

Kayjayoh said...

Sadly, while the original is very multi-ethnic, Shyamalan went with an all-Caucasian cast, which has upset quite a few fans.

I'm rather disappointed in him for it.

Absolutely Small said...

TheFrogBag: So glad I'm not the only one!

Kayjayoh: He did? Seriously? That is disappointing! I don't know why directors do that sometimes. (Remember the train wreck that was Dragonball Z the movie? Oy.)

Anonymous said...

I was a huge DBZ fan and heard about the movie. I don't remember ever seeing it.

I thought that Shyamalan guy was finished with movies for a while. Didn't his last one flop?

PineBlossoms said...

To make you feel better...My experience with avitars is limited to the little identifying picture you get on Etsy....
Why the heck would anyone make a movie on that?
who is clueless now?

Absolutely Small said...

Scrivener: Ohhhh the DBZ movie was horrible! Goku was a white guy. Yech. It wasn't even so bad that it was was just bad.

Pineblossoms: Now THAT would be a movie I'd like to see. A feature length film dramatizing the Etsy forums...ha!


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