Friday, January 29, 2010

Inspiration Friday

We talk a lot about Chickenpants on this site. But check out this chicken track suit:

Clothing for chickens. REAL chickens. Insanity! Hilarious, hilarious insanity.

♕ I adore these resolution charts by The Small Object. I am a nut for charts and making things visible in general, so these are pretty much the cat's pajamas. Most amazing still, they're free to download!

Originally uploaded by studiolooflickr

I want this yarn. I want this yarn. I want this yarn!
It's by Studioloo, and it's called Candy Sprinkles. It could not be more perfect!

This post by Finslippy is hilarious. Also, short!

embroidery cheat sheet
Originally uploaded by Amy Cluck of Peptogirl Industries

I adore embroidering things, but I rarely remember this. That is, until something amazing like this cheat sheet by Peptogirl jogs my memory. Have you been to Amy's blog lately? It is, quite frankly, aces.

That's it for this week. Have a fantastic, weird weekend everyone!


Jacaranda Designs said...

Those chicken pants are hilarious!

Peptogirl said...

Thanks for the blog love, Claire! So sweet!

Piggy said...

Cute post! The chicken suit is so funny! Made me chuckle :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

God Bless

PineBlossoms said...

All of our Chickens except 1 were killed this winter by a sly & nasty fox. The last chicken, a pretty golden Aracauna named Tiger Lily has had the luxury of coming...In The House.... every night to sleep in a fluffily padded cage in my daughter's room. Tiger Lily is safe, and definitely not lonely now.
All she needs now is a track suit.

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! I really appreciate them all!

Pineblossoms: Tell me there are photos!


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