Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Topanga's Picks of the Week

Hello, humans. This is Topanga. Boss has hired me to help out with the merchandising around here. She is paying me handsomely in clementines and dog treats*. Mmmm, clementines.
So every week, I'm going to pick out a few things from the studio and share them with you. Then, I'm going to mark those few down. But just for the week. You know, like a sale. More sales, more treats. That's what she said. So, buy stuff, people.
Le sigh.
You can help feed this starving pug. (Me, not Buster.)
Here we go:

Those are my picks of the week. Prices good from now 'till next Wednesday (Feb. the 3rd).
I'm going with a dog theme this week.
Let's start with this painting of a handsome fellow:

Isn't he a bit of eye candy? He was $40, but I clawed him down to $35.

Pick #2 is a plush dog named Joanie:

She's pretty. But I've got the pretty dog thing well covered in this house, so I'd like her to move on. Another $5 discount! Now she's only $30. Ha!

#3 is a much smaller dog painting - Underpants Thief:

It measures 4x4. Not that I can relate to stealing human underpants or anything. It used to be $25, now it's $21.50. Come to me, clementines...

Finally, one more plush dog for the road. Molly:

Again - was $35, now she's $30.
Remember, every thing you buy earns me more Clementines. *pug manipulation stare activated!*

You can get a better look at all of them here, in the new Topanga Picks section of the shop.

Come back next week, and I'll have some more picks. Probably not dog themed ones. Viva la...something else!

**UPDATE!** Boss has announced that if any of these things sell this week, she will film me eating said Clementines & post it here. Stay tuned!


Erica said...

Those plush dogs are adorable!

kimbuktu said...


Anonymous said...

That dog is ad-or-able!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you, everyone! ^-^ Topanga thanks you, too. ◕ ‿ ◕


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