Thursday, October 8, 2009

How To Make Blythe Hangers

As those of you following my creative endeavors know, I've recently driven completely off the tracks and am now spending entirely too much time sewing tiny clothes. Once you sew all those tiny clothes, you have a problem, though. How are you going to store all those tiny things? Barbie hangers are fetching absurd sums on Ebay and Etsy. (And my recent Blythe habit hasn't just consumed a lot of time, it's consumed a lot of money, too!)
The good news is, with just a tiny amount of tinkering and a pipe cleaner, you can do it yourself.
Start with a 6" length of pipe cleaner:

Measure out the middle 2 1/4 inches:

(Actually, you want to leave about 1.5" in the front, and 2" in the back. But you don't have to freak out about it.)
Fold up the edges:

Fold the left side in, and around the right side:

Pull the tail of the right side up straight:

Then bend it round your finger to make a hook:

(Or a pencil, or the dowel the clothes will hang on)
Ta da!

You can of course make them from larger pipe cleaners to accommodate wider necklined items. It's really easy to just fiddle around with these things and bend them to your will.
Final step: make a bunch more:

That's it!


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