Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In which I have a cold...

I have way too foggy a head to try to construct whole sentences, so allow me to share with you clever things that other people are doing, heavy on the photos:

CRAFT blog has these amazing looking Carmel Apple Cookies:

Click here for the all the photos!

I've been very much admiring these amazing cards by aviewto on Etsy:

One of my favorite sketchbookers/artists/bloggers, Tommy Kane recently went to Lebanon. The sketches that are popping up on his blog are really exciting! How much do you know about Lebanon? Me, not much. So this is pretty interesting stuff.

Okay, that's it. I think a nap is in my immediate future. I hope you all have much more exciting afternoons planned!


Cat. said...

Hm... Are those cookies composed with choco chips and white choco chips or are those brown little mounds of brown pecans?

Absolutely Small said...

Nope! They're caramel!

Cat. said...

=D That's supersnackalicious. Thank you for letting me know. Well, off to watch 'House of D'~


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