Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best thing ever? Star Wars Uncut.

The idea is fairly simple: break Star Wars - A New Hope into 473 15 second segments. Let people re-film these segments any which way they choose, and then stitch them back together.
So brilliant.
It combines a few of my favorite things: low budget home made movies, old Star Wars, internet.
The project isn't done yet, but you can watch the finished clips now. Each clip seems to be better than the last.
You've got clips made of legos:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 303 from Hugh Rodman on Vimeo.

Clips enacted by little kids:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 076 from essforgee on Vimeo.

Clips enacted with clip art:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 093 from Ed Bear on Vimeo.

Lots and lots of paper beards and armor:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 243 from Sam Vest on Vimeo.

And also, the purely inexplicable:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 309 from Daniel Cassaro on Vimeo.

Hop on over to to see more.

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