Monday, September 14, 2009

New creations & a handful of kitsch

I've got some sneak peeks for you this afternoon! I've been fiddling around in the new studio, which could explain why you're going to see more pink than usual.
Up first is Henrietta:

Turn around, you crazy creature! She just wants to show off that amazing hair, I bet. Best Chickenpants hair ever? Hmmm.
I wanted to create something really special for Chickenpants #222, so allow me to present to you:

Mohawk Judy Chickenpants! Crazy mohawk/comb complete with gems? That's pretty special.
I've been getting a lot of really interesting feedback from the survey. A lot of people are asking to see more Chickenpants accessories. Someone even suggested a Chickenpants tutu...

Oh, yes.
And Blythes like them, too!

I've also finally got my act together enough to start listing a few of the gems that the little old lady left behind:

Copper strawberry drawer pulls. Yes, please! Looks like there will be a vintage section of the shop very soon.
Expect to see all these lovelies in the shop later today.
Thanks for reading!


Stacey said...

oh little chicken in a tutu, super cute!!!

Absolutely Small said...



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