Friday, March 6, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:19 So sweet! A 9 year old plushie maker. Love the French Apples.
  • 08:34 Wholesome creeps me out.: #badwords
  • 08:58 Had my mind all made up to apply for Unique, post insomnia, I'm not sure! ARRRGHH. What to do?
  • 09:04 RT @nikolena A cautionary tale for artists about con artists and trusting your instincts-
  • 09:13 That article made me think and google a bus. deal. I'm scared. Y'all, if you see contraband Chickenpants floating around, pls let me know!
  • 09:19 Behold: an actual chicken wearing pants:
  • 09:30 OK. Calllllmmming down. Deep breaths. Everything is going to be ok. Think I'll go get more coffee, though.
  • 15:37 Pugs are getting antsy! ***walk us...walk us...walk us...*** Did you hear that, too?
  • 16:18 Finally got some new Chickenpants listed. One of which is wearing a Gameboy.
  • 16:26 I was going to go work on those hooded CPs, but I just noticed the treasury is about to open up. Perhaps I'll just sit here & eat candy.
  • 16:53 Eeee! I got a treasury! Have a look, won't you?
  • 17:11 Off to eat at my brother's student restaurant thing.
  • 23:59 Hooray for little brothers who attend cooking school & invite you to the resturant! I am so full.
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