Thursday, March 5, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:27 Thinking of applying to Mission Indie Mart...
  • 08:40 Uploading Chickenpants pictures to Flickr- trying to untangle the mess of who's where. What a mess!
  • 09:50 Oh great. "Spetember" Chickenpants has been in my shop for how long? Ugh.
  • 12:05 Whoo. Hall of Chickenpants is finally updated. And I'm only missing 65 CPs. Yay?
  • 12:44 - Who wants a clementine?
  • 15:37 What an awesome idea! RT @daniellexo Sneak attack a new Etsian and make their day! Find out how here:
  • 15:41 Eating graham crackers, drinking tea, trying to feel awake enough to list new cps. *little face slaps* Get in the game! Ugh, I hate winter.
  • 19:00 The Sneak Attack is happening now! Go make somebody's day. (At least heart 'em!)
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