Saturday, March 7, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:41 Contemplating moving back to the country...I miss my friends. And seeing real live chickens every day. And the possibility of snow.
  • 08:49 Thinking about answering today's Plinky prompt, but it just so happens most of my favorite lines are from Empire Strikes Back. Oh dear.
  • 09:41 I just signed myself up for a biiiig CP babies project. I need to make, like...75 of them. In a WEEK. I am insane.
  • 10:39 New CP baby in the shop, yo. It's a girl!
  • 13:09 - Chickenspotting @ Peet's coffee.
  • 13:54 Just saw a guy talking on a cell phone,holding a thick stack of dot matrix printouts,trying to sound important in front of the grocerystore.
  • 14:49 The pug just won the gold in the Bad Dog Olympics. Couch Cushion Demolition, Kitchen Trash Knockover, Indoor Poop Dash. All in 1 afternoon.
  • 14:58 Aw! Interview posted to The Needle with a 9 year old plushier: Leave her a comment & make her day! #bossyboots
  • 18:57 My first couture Chickenpants is up! And she is based on the awesomeness that is Leslie Hall:
  • 21:13 Tell me this is not the cutest little dog t-shirt you've ever seen:
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