Wednesday, March 4, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 09:06 Off to such a productive start this morning. Wishlisting things @Modcloth. Think I'll hit Anthro next.
  • 09:46 Oh, confusing Needle emails. What am I going to do with you?
  • 11:54 Why am I looking at photo after photo of abandoned Detroit? I can't take my eyes off them!
  • 12:01 RT @KimSherrell Jon Stewart thinks twitter is adorable but has no ^#&*! idea WHY?!- - Mashable (RT)
  • 12:18 Wow. I had no idea about the Michigan Theater...surreal that they turned it into a garage.
  • 12:51 Walking a pug is less like walking a dog and more like being hauled around by a very opinionated cannonball.
  • 14:58 Talking to Vistaprint customer service, which very well might be a robot.
  • 15:02 Well, robot or not, they actually took care of the problem without trying to weasel out of it. Yay!
  • 15:05 Measuring the circumference of pugs to buy them harnesses. No more slipping free of leashes just to run in front of cars! NOT COOL.
  • 15:23 Oooh, yeah. Check out these tights I will soon be sporting: Uh, assuming that they fit, of course.
  • 15:43 OK. I'm off. To mail the package I promised I would. In the rain. The pouring, pouring rain. Whine whine whine.
  • 20:50 RT @astulabee Ways to be cool: Learn to Speak European, "Hollywood", etc. Awesome!!
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