Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Organization tips from Fluffy Flowers!

Hello! I have for you something quite nice. Not only is it a real blog post, it's written by someone else. (Or maybe that's just quite nice for me.)
As you may know, I've been working on getting organized in all aspects of my life. A fellow plushier who I admire has been kind enough to share some of her tips with us!
Felicia (of Felicia's Fluffy Flowers) is not only a talented crafter, she also seems to have it all together. Her blog regularly features charming home improvements as well as charming creations. Without any further ado, here are her tips!

Less Stuff

The one major thing you can do to stay organized is to have less stuff. And there are two easy ways to accomplish this.

Send it on it's way

Are your bills late because you can't find them among the clutter of your house? Did you wast money buying something new because you couldn't find that thing that you KNOW you had SOMEWHERE? It's probably time to get a little organized.

First, you've gotta get rid of all the stuff that makes you feel bad. Really. We all have a lot of stuff, right? Some of it we bought because we liked it at the time. Some of it we received as gifts.

If you want to have a happy life and the time to enjoy yourself, then you've got to remove all the stuff that you feel nothing for or that makes you feel guilty and bad when you look at it.

Maybe you got a going away present from your former coworkers and it's some object that really doesn't fit into your life. You don't want to throw it out because a) it was expensive and b) it's sort of cool although you'll never use it. Well, here's a thought, how about giving it away? We don't like the thought of filling up the landfills but what about giving it to charity? That way someone who actually wants that thing will have the chance to own it at a fraction of the retail price.

Would the world end if that object no longer lived in your life? Probably not. Would you feel better about yourself because you don't have to feel guilty anymore when you stumble upon that unused thing in the closet? Probably so. Get rid of it. If something makes you feel bad or guilty then give it away to someone who wants it. That good karma will come back to you in so many ways.

Invite it to come in

Want to know another really easy thing you can do to keep guilt ridden stuff out of your life? Make a list of your favorites. Really.

I love Etsy. Most folks I know understand this about me. So when it comes to gift giving time they go directly to my favorites on Etsy to pick something out that they know I will love.

But I've taken this step even further. I actually have an Etsy account set up just for my family and friends to shop my favorites. That way I can put the stuff that I really want in that account and I use my regular Fluffy Flowers account for my daily fun searching, looking for stuff to put in treasuries, etc.

Make sure your selections include a variety of price points in order to accommodate different budgets. Your family and friends will be so happy to know that they are selecting something that you will like. Plus, it'll still be a surprise when you receive it.

Send that favorites web address out into the world and know that you've just removed most of the ambivalent stuff from your life! From now on only stuff you love will surround and inspire you.

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Felicia said...

Thanks Claire! Hope this gets folks motivated :)


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