Tuesday, February 17, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:37 Geez! RT @newmediajim: DON'T UPLOAD MAT'L TO FACEBOOK unless you want them to own/distribute/sell it 4EVER is.gd/jDf4
  • 08:40 Me: That's a lot of dog pee so early in the morning. Dog: Just you wait. Also, your coffee got cold while you were cleaning it up. Ha ha!
  • 10:19 This is totally how I'd dress if money and lack of heaving bosoms was no object: tinyurl.com/dg52w8
  • 10:39 Seriously thinking of making Twitter and Flickr my only "blog".
  • 15:59 Eating a bagel which is neither cheesey nor garlicky, despite their claims.
  • 16:06 Just quit Facebook. Again. I'm giddy with power(less-ness)!
  • 17:09 Surely vacuuming the apartment is just as good as exercising. Feel the burn! Also, it has the added benefit of scaring the pugs.
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