Wednesday, February 18, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:00 really make it worthwhile. I'm trying to streamline all my internet stuff, too.
  • 08:06 I will not spend the whole day online, I will not spend the whole day online, I will not spend the whole day online...
  • 08:22 Organization tips on my blog: Not written by me, so you know they're good!
  • 08:53 Yay! Finally got's member list updated!
  • 09:16 New avatar! C'est moi! What do you think? Not nearly as cute as a little chickie, though. I'd love to see what you think -
  • 09:16 Because I might change my Etsy et all avatars, too.
  • 10:43 Any thoughts on changing one's Etsy avatar after two years of the same? Will it negatively or positively affect one's image?
  • 12:14 The great creature closeout continues: Out with you, Poppets!
  • 12:21 The pugs are so obsessed with Clementines that one of them just body slammed the trash can I put a bit of the peel into.
  • 12:36 Out to walk the pugs in the rain. Ugh.
  • 18:35 Why am I still reading this Sloane Crosley book when there are so many other more worthy books on my stack?
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