Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Plant addict, not so anonymous

Plants have been sneaking into our yard lately. I haven't had anything at all to do with it, either.

It's starting to turn into a problem: I now have mosquito bites all over my head from planting all these narcissi. They hurt. It's weird.
Topanga observes the damage. Her porch keeps shrinking!
Ahhhhh plants! They make me feel alive!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go plant some morning glories. (Not pictured here...I have eight packets of them on the coffee table.)
I do not have a problem. (Except for the mosquito bites.)


Kivett Studio said...

I'm so proud of myself, so far, this year...I've only bought two geraniums, one areca palm and one moss fern. I don't have to count the plants and seeds my daughter picked for herself though, do I?hahaha.

And it's only april!

Kate said...

First of all....I am SO jealous that you live somewhere that looks like this on April 2nd. So nice! Wonderful flowers!

Second - Love your porch. Ohhhh....I could bask there and plant flowers all day long.

Third - I want to squeeeeeze your pug!


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