Friday, April 4, 2008

It's going to be a busy month...

Here are some sneak peeks of one of the creatures I'm working on for the Tangent Gallery show...

She's about 4 feet tall.

And my foot, while making a foot. IRONY!

And here's a pile of feet...
I've been meaning to post about these shows for a long time! But, working to make creatures for these shows (coupled with the onset of gardening, followed by EXCRUCIATING NECK PAIN!) has kept me from mentioning them. So, here we go:
Upcoming shows you can catch me at:

* Tangent Gallery, Sacramento, CA "In Between" -Opens 4/12

This is going to be a really cool show. It's me and two other female artists, and as we speak I am working on 4 foot tall plush just for this show. Also, astroturf will be involved.

* Sideshow Studios, Sacramento, CA "Taking Textiles Seriously"- Opens 4/11

* Kismet Gallery, Troy, NY "Kismart" - Opens 4/25

Not exactly a show, but it will have an opening. It's basically an art vending machine, and yours truly is working on some pieces for it.

* Bazaar Bizarre, San Mateo, CA- May 3 & 4

* One-of-a-Kind Handmade Craft and Vendor Fair, Folsom, CA- May 4th

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Amy C Evans said...

oooh, creepy feet! keep sewin' those toes, busy lady! congrats on all the shows.


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