Monday, March 31, 2008

Illustration Friday- Homage

Here we have a Chickenpants drawn in the Kochalka style. Why?
Because the third artist that popped into my head was James Kochalka. (Warhol? No screenprinting stuff. Picasso? Nah...Kochalka? Yes!)I admire his drawing style and tiny paintings, sure. But there's something about his daily American Elf comics that really strikes a chord in me. It no doubt has something to do with the voyeuristic pleasure one gets from going through another person's sketchbooks, or getting to see such a personal glimpse of how they live their lives. He lives in a wonderfully unconventional way. It's great to see snippets of other artist's lives- the good, the bad, the odd... Makes me feel less strange.
So although I don't think his drawing style really influences me, his drawings absolutely do. They make me want to draw every day. They nudge me closer to making my own little comics.
So, thank you, Mr. Kochalka!

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