Thursday, December 13, 2007

And the winner is...

Picked out by random number generator/little brother Alex (who had no idea he was being used as a random number generator- that's how random it was!).
Commenter #8, SimplyStrands, you are the winner! Congratulations to you! Expect an email from me later on for the details.
I wish you all could have won. No, really- I hate letting people down. But the random number generator hath text messaged me- it's number 8. How can I argue with that?
Thank you everyone for commenting! What a great way to fluff up an ego. I highly recommend it.
So, in other news: Both Cranky Yellow and Plush You have very recently blogged about Absolutely Small plush. Joy!
Also, I was super super busy all last weekend making more Chickenpants- new ones are popping up in the shop almost daily right now.
These three got the very very last of this special vintage fabric.
That's all for now! Thank you everyone, for your support!

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