Monday, December 10, 2007

There's still time...

Best part of this house is the great views of the batteries.
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to comment and then possibly win your very own Chickenpants Baby!
Remember to comment on the 250th blog post- commenting will be officially closed on Thursday.
Then, after you win, you can have all sorts of fun posing your very own Chickenpants and then sending the photos to the Chickenpants Playground.
The photo above was taken at Costco this weekend. They happen to have a giant, but perfectly CP proportioned doll house. It was way more than Pauline here could afford, but it was still nice to check out.
Er, what I mean to say is: It is really fun bringing a Chickenpants with you everywhere. Photo ops just leap out at you! Plus, you'll probably get more than a few strange looks- quite invigorating.


Felicia said...

LOL So glad Chickenpants was there for the photo opportunity :) Cute!

Lauri said...

I love doing things like this, too!
Great shot!

Amy C Evans said...

chickenpants in his/her natural environment: a condo! love it!

Claire said...

Thanks everyone! I highly reccomend tooling around town with a small stuffed animal. Very enjoyable.


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