Friday, November 2, 2007

Big Tex Chickenpants

Big Tex works on a ranch. He'd like for you to belive that he's a cowboy, but really, he's mostly just a consultant. He's working on a new pattern for chickenwire. He's really smart- and rugged, don't forget rugged!

He's made from soft fleece, vintage plaid stretchy fabric, a few beads for eyes, a bit of felt here, a bit of ribbon there, and one button belt buckle that reads "Western".

p.s: If he looks a little familiar, that's probably becuase he's Big Jim's cousin!
p.p.s:Anyway, here he roosts.

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Amy C Evans said...

OMG, I'm LOL (first time to use all that lingo at one time!). I love Big Tex Chickenpants! Really, though, this guy is hilarious. Loving the softie top with the cloth bottom. And you're really onto something with the button buckles.


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