Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chickenpants in Space- Chickenpants 2001

The discovery of some awesome robot-skin looking material has spawned the Chickenpants in Space! In space, no one can hear your pants.

Today's Chickenpants is Chickenpants 2001.

Long ago (1977) in a galaxy far, far away, there was this chicken. He dreamed of getting off the family farm and touring the stars, living the laid back life of a space cowboy. Being a real farmhand was hard work! Maybe if he could ditch all these cows, life would be easier.

He's made from robot skin (er, pleather), vintage plaid stretchy fabric, a few beads for eyes, a bit of felt here, a bit of ribbon there, and one silvery shell button belt buckle. It's the low slung belt that gives him that 70's air, don't you think?

Until the day that he can escape this rock, he's roosting in the shop. Would you mind letting a little chicken tag along with you?


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