Friday, June 29, 2007


Pug pathos #3
Originally uploaded by chicken widget.

An extra from a Daily Photo shoot

Well, sort of.
Daily anything is difficult for me. I keep forgeting to take daily photos- and when I do manage to take them, I often forget to post them on time. So if you look through my photostream on Flickr, you'll see them in a very wonky order.
But the idea of daily habits is fascinating to me, and I keep thinking how great it would be if I could actually keep up with some of them. So I keep on trying...and generally just keep on stumbling, falling off the wagon, running after the wagon, kicking the wagon when it breaks, etc.


~Stella said...

Cute picture!

I'm not good with daily stuff, either, but that's okay. It makes every day a surprise!


mushroommeadows said...

hehe pug is cute! daily routine's stink, but bad habits stink even worst.

gilda said...

i love your dog! and psst. i'm terrible at daily anything too.


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