Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playing catch up

(A photo recap of the past few days)

Jack Sparrow impersonator!!
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We went to a party on Saturday. I detest parties, but Jack Sparrow was there, so that was nice.

The crane tree
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Then I finally put all those cranes I've been making to good use: I made a crane tree. It almost reaches the ceiling.

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Then it was time to create some creatures. Here's a peek of one of them.

Embracing the blur, this time.
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Finally, here's Topanga's interpretation of the craziness that was this past week. And probably also the weeks to come.
Many, many more new photos on Flickr!


mushroommeadows said...

Who could pass up Jack Sparrow! :) Your little creation is CUTE!!! :)

Claire said...


Amy C Evans said...

Oh, my goodnes, your new softie! Is he an owl? I love him. You've been busy as usual I see. Love the crane tree, too.

Felicia said...

Who is that darlin' new creature! Love your puppy :)

pamela michelle said...

your crane tree is beautiful!

Claire said...

Thanks everyone!
Amy: he's actually a blue bird! But I love the idea of making some owls...


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