Monday, July 2, 2007

Absolutely Small paintings out and about in the world!

dear CLAIRE:
Originally uploaded by The Rat Bat.

The lovely Kari over at The Rat Bat posted this little piece of fantasticness on her Flickr page. How awesome is the framing? So awesome.
There also happens to be another painting of mine in it's new home right now. If you hop over to Fluffy Flowers you can not only see it in it's new enviroment but also some deeeelicios photos of peach cobbler(and a recipie!)


mushroommeadows said...

That's awesome!!! :)

Kari said...

i'm so glad you like it! i painted up the frame and matte myself, dl did the labor-intensive stuff.


Amy C Evans said...

Isn't it so incredible to see what people do with your work and where it ends up? Congrats on the sales and, as always, the incredible amount of work you manage to find time to create. You amaze me!


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