Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Valley of Dolls Zine Giveaway

Valley of Dolls Zine
Hello there, my darlings. I have something delightful to share with you. I just received a bundle of Valley of Dolls zines in the mail. I have an interview in there, and the lovely publisher sent me a few copies to share with you.
This zine is just jam packed with dolly awesomeness. Oh, this zine. Where do I start? Valley of Dolls is put together by the very talented Su Mwamba of Tanglecrafts. Have you visited her blog? Or her shop? Both are so much fun. She even has put together a club.
Valley of Dolls Zine
There's a cute piece of Matrushka cotton on the cover, and a piece of felt, so you can make your own little Matrushka doll. There are actually four different doll tutorials in this book. There are also interviews, book reviews, and plenty of lovely illustrations.
Valley of Dolls Zine
SO, what can you do to win a copy of your very own?
Leave a comment, my dears!
Make sure I have some way of contacting you (Email, Etsy, Twitter, whatever.)
I’ll pick the winners by random number generator next Wednesday, the 15th. I've got FOUR copies to give away. Woot!

*Want extra chances to win? Okay, we can do that.
Leave another comment if you do any of the following:
Link to this on Twitter
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Link to this anywhere else!


Michelle said...

gimme gimme mine mine!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm a dolly and a zine person!

Jennifer said...

I tweeted about your giveaway as @sassypackrat

Jo said...

Looks lovely -- and how great that you have an interview in it! Exciting!

jack said...

how about reviewing it for our site? :)

tobin eckian said...

pinkie pinkie pick meeeee.

i makie art dolls. how can i get in magi zeene?

xo tob
on twitter etobineckian we are friends.

tobin eckian said...

ps. i plinked you on twitter

etobineckian on tweet

RD Davis said...

Super cute - I love my Angus Chickenpants!

zfla said...

oooh! so excited to see it.

Silvia - MadameRenard said...

Thank you for this giveaway!!!
silviatriv [@] gmail dot com


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