Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tweet, tweet.

Instead of showering or finishing a shrug that Olive will never wear or cleaning or eating lunch, I've been fiddling around with That Can Be My Next Tweet.
I blame The Bloggess.
Basically, the site takes what you've tweeted previously, and churns it into new and exciting tweets you can use, such as:


New post on TYoLS! Luke, use the last night! Who designed these things? Seriously, it's out again? Agggh.

Doing OK, how to prove it! Joss Whedon ftw! Ahhhh!! Yes. I know WHAT YOU'RE SINGING!

It was the last week of all things- including moderation. Jaques Pepin photo by Headache.

Thanks for all the creative response to cry. Nice! Ha! I can't waddle around anymore!

Really happy with felt scraps in the search. ^_^ I'll make Joss Whedon wearing a disturbance in felt...

Apparently, I tweet about Joss Whedon more than I thought I did.
But it's not just a handy funhouse snapshot of what you tweet about. There's also profound gobledygook, such as:

This one was my personal favorite:


Eerika said...

Haha! Those are hilarious, and oh so delightfully absurd too! :D

cat said...

ow - i hurt from laughing !

cat said...

just stop me messing with that, will you? xxx


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