Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby crafting, the first three months

It took me awhile to get my crafty mojo back. Actually, I'm still working on getting it back. Ideas and motivation aren't lacking, it's simply lack of time that's the problem. Oh, and energy.
Anyway, I did manage to squeeze a few projects in here and there. Such as these little shoes:

The pattern is from Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy. I'm not usually one for using or following patterns, but the pattern for these shoes was super easy to use. I can't wait to try out more patterns from this book.

The top fabric is from my beloved Superbuzzy, and the polka dot lining is vintage. (Another under the house find!) The soles are made from suede.

These shoes went so well that I decided to make a dressier pair out of pleather.


This pair went fine until the strap. Okay, sleep deprivation + inside outy lefty righty shoe construction = misapplied straps. Ooops. I'm too embarrassed to let her wear them in public, actually.

Here's hoping the next three months will contain a little more time and energy to make stuff.


Kelly said...

So cute! I can commiserate -- when my son was about 3 months old (he's 16 months now) I knitted him a pair of two right-hand mittens. Yeah, it was a bummer, but I didn't feel like ripping them back and he got two winters out of them. Plus, you could only tell up close that I'd made two the same hand. Oh well. I doubt people will notice about the shoes -- wear them out anyway!

Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

thewench said...

Put a second button on the other side of each shoe (so they have a pair of buttons on each shoe) and no-one will ever know!

Claire said...

That is brilliant!

Alex said...

Love the booties! I am trying to make these as well in size 0-3 and have hit a major roadblock. How in the world did you turn the straps inside-out? I am not a magician and the straps are TINY. I have a loop turner but this is no help as the straps are closed on one end. Thinking of ditching the straps and using a ribbon on each side (tying in a bow across front) instead.

Claire said...

Thanks! Have you tried using a tiny pair of pliers (like for jewelry) and grabbing the furthest back part you want to pull out? That usually works for me with the stubborn little bits. (But it's kind of difficult to explain without showing someone, unfortunately.)
However, I think the ribbon idea is darling! That sounds even cuter than a strap.


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