Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Must Have Etsy Apps

I like Etsy very, very much. However, there are a few little gaps that 3rd party developers have stepped up to fill, for which I am eternally grateful. Here are five of my very favorite, can't live without, as essential as coffee Etsy applications.

Yes, you know Statsy. Everyone knows Statsy, right? With good reason! Statsy will notify you if you're on the front page. Statsy can schedule out your renewals for you. Statsy can tell you how far back in the search results you are. I love you, Statsy.

I do most of my shopping from my favorites. This is only problematic in that Etsy offers no way to organize one's favorites. Favoritizer to the rescue! You can sort by creating lists that make sense to you, and then populate them simply dragging and dropping. Better yet, these lists are private, so your gift ideas can remain safely secret. (Of course, you can make them public if you wish.)

Etsy on Sale:
Yeah, Etsy just started offering coupon codes, and that's great. However, if you want to offer something other than a percentage off of everything, Etsy on Sale to the rescue! You can customize your sale in several different ways. Actually, it wasn't so very long ago that I was singing their praises right here on this very blog that you are reading now.

Another one that everyone knows, and for good reason! Their Shop Lovers page just gets better and better. It lets you see at a glance how many unique visitors, how much you've made, how many things are expiring, how many new shop hearts *deep breath*... In other words, it takes all that squinty Google Analytics data and makes it pretty. And easy. They also offer Edit Express, which allows you to make changes to a batch of listings at one time. How many times over the years this would have come in handy! The Tag Report is promising, too...but it's either slightly broken, or no one finds me through searches on Etsy, ever. (Which is possible, I suppose...)

Etsy Hacks:
It wasn't so very long ago that Etsy didn't offer a way to copy a listing. And it was in those dark days that I found Etsy Hacks. Etsy's done a bang up job with the whole copy/edit options, but Etsy Hacks still offers a wide range of applications that make Etsy work better. In the forums a lot? Downloading Forum Wrangler will make your life so much easier. Convo Linker rocks my socks. And there are tons more.
*Note: you must use Firefox to take advantage of these aps. And then you need to run Greasemonkey. But seriously, this is so easy. You can do it!

What are some of your favorite Etsy apps?


Ashley J. said...

Thanks, girly for mentioning us. So glad it is useful. That is all that we hoped for!

emily b said...

This is a great list. Thanks for sharing!


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