Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A fable of sorts

Ever wondered what would happen if you connected random photos from your Flickr stream into a story? Me, too. Here's my result:

There was once a bunny.

He was very bored.
The Finnegan Flop

So he spoke to a wise dog, who wore the chicken poncho pendant of power.
Buster wears the Chicken Poncho necklace. Proudly.

He told the bunny to visit the kitchen elf for more information.
Meet the new guy.

So he asked the elf, "Kitchen Elf, what must I do to be less bored?"
Finnegan: I'm huge!

"You must...throw a party. There should be plenty of snacks for everyone."
Who's the new guy?

The bunny thanked the Kitchen Elf, and went along his way.
Buns in motion

He invited everyone in the neighborhood.
New buddies for the coop!

Hey, gimme that necklace.

"Get off that computer! Come to my party!"
Topanga is nonplussed by her nonplussed photo on Cute Overload

And what a party it was!

There were lots of snacks:

A brawl broke out!
No wrestling in the house!


And the bunny made a new friend:
Finnegan & Buster

Now that he had a new friend, the bunny wasn't bored any more.
Bunny on Pug snorgling action!

Well...not until the next time.
Take that  box! Finnegan hates boxes.

SO, the moral of the story is, if YOU need some blog content, and you happen to have a ton of photos, link them together! And then tell me so I can read it.


Bonnie Heather said...

Loved your story!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you! ^_^

Teddy Started It said...

*sniff* *sniff* what a beautiful story. I just love an open ending.

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha! Thanks! I think you should make one, too. With your sense of humor, I'm sure it would be wonderful!

Art Kitten said...

Loved it!

Cari said...

Wow, didn't expect to laugh that hard. Your bunny reminds me of my three rabbit friends. They're lazy lops, too.

Absolutely Small said...

Aw, thank you both!


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