Thursday, June 10, 2010

And now, the 80's Chickenpants!

Whatever happened to taking it easy and not posting on this blog for a little bit? Er...that'll be next week. Today, I want to show you my latest project:

I was given a big bag full of 1980's fabric, and in that moment, I knew what I had to do. (It's so nice when people donate fabric and other goodies to the cause, isn't it?)
Chickenpants 380-390 became the 80's Collection!

Of course I had to make a couple of 80's goths. This is probably offensive, but I find them adorable. (My husband was one! So it's okay, right?)
From left to right: Robert (Smith), Siouxsie (Sioux), and Ian (Curtis).

And finally:

Lloyd Doblerpants.
He sports a handstitched boombox, and a little trench coat that snaps at the top.
You know where you can check them out, if you want to read their little backstories.


Teddy Started It said...

Hey, it wouldn't be an 80s collection without plenty of black eyeliner. We weren't all preps.

Absolutely Small said...


Rain said...

I <3 Lloyd Dobler!!! ;)

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you!

Sharon said...

The little guy with the boombox is adorable!

Katie said...

How can I get one of these lil guys, you should make them and sell them for charity.

Katie said...

FOUND THEM!! on Etsy. Thanks

Absolutely Small said...

Sharon: Thank you!

Katie: Glad you found them! ^_^ for all your Chickenpants needs.


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