Thursday, May 20, 2010

LOST Chickenpants...part two!

I'm never one to leave well enough alone. A second batch of LOST Chickenpants simply had to happen. After all, there was no Desmond! No Claire! No Sun or Jin! How could I live with that? So I had to remedy the situation. And here they are!
Click on their names to find out more about them.

Hurley! Again! Yes!

Mister Eko!

Desmond, all cleaned up.

And Desmond, all scruffy and sleep deprived.

Aaron! And Claire!

Walt! He is tiny!

Sun and Jin.

I couldn't bear to break these two up, so they're a set.

Another set! This time it's the Man In Black(pants) and the Smoke Monster.

Can't have dark without light, or vice versa, so here's Jacob.

Sayid, gone dark!



And finally:

Oh yes, Jim LaFleur.


Teddy Started It said...

Love them! Love/hate Lost. Last year I ran around complaining, "why don't they just end this thing already?!". At the beginning of the season, you could hear me saying things like "you know, if this wasn't the last year, I'd totally drop this show." And now? Now I'm moping around anticipating being lost without Lost.

Absolutely Small said...

Well, you're not alone with that. I have spent more than my fair share of time yelling at the tv and cursing the name JJ Abrams. (And the rest of the writers. Wait, is Abrams still a writer? Or just the creator? Eh, whatever. I have decided it is all HIS FAULT.)


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