Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday. Chicken Day.

I was tempting fate with that post last week. And it makes sense, too. You can't write a post that's all "I loooove you I looooove you I looooove you Sunshine don't ever go awaaaaay" without making Murphy's Law kick in.
Yes, the sun is gone. Winter is back. Unbecoming sweatshirts are back. Open weeping is back, too.

But! I have some awesome things to share with you! First up, I was sent an awesome card by Terry Janes.

Chickens! At work! Ahhh! Yes, my studio needed this.
If you want to see more of her quirky photography, she's got an Etsy shop, of course!

In other chicken news:

I don't have a caption for this. All that's coming out is squealing. Cute Overload's got your back, though.

Stay warm, everybody!


Lala's Pequenos said...

I need that chicken sign for my two lovelies!

Dig The Earth said...

What a great sign! :D

Erica said...

that sign is really awesome! A sign like that would be great in your workroom! What a thoughtful friend :)

Kitty Vane said...

We've been having insane winter weather here.
Yesterday we got snow coming down horizontally all day and the temperatures have regularly dropped bellow -20°c! Luckily today is lovely and sunny and it's only -15°c out.
Still, there's over 70 cm of snow on the ground and while it's really beautiful now, I dread when spring comes and it will all melt, we'll be up to our elbows in slush!

I do hope you're having milder weather there.

Absolutely Small said...

Lala: You have real life chickens? Awesosme! I am jealous. :)

Dig & Erica: It's the best! Terry Janes is very thoughtful indeed. I put it up on what serves as sort of a "door" for the studio.

Kitty: Holy COW! Where are you at that it's that cold?? -15c? I feel colder just reading that.


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