Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New stuff round up!

It's been quite a week so far. Geez. Yesterday saw the release and near immediate sell out of the Regretsy 5 Chickenpants:

Pretty much what I dream of every day, actually. :)
Anyway, the original 5 may be gone, but I'm taking orders for similar Chickenpants made with Regretsy fabric. If the one you had your eye on is gone, no worries. I can make you a similar one. Like magic! Or, robots!

In other news, after an evening spent at Kinkos, I'm happy to announce that the Make a Bunny Head and Squid.RO zines are back in stock. Woo!

And in other, other news I've started to illustrate the Chickenpants:
Loretta Joan Chickenpants - the drawing
Douglas Chickenpants - the drawing
More about that later.
*Hopefully!* *If I rememeber!* *Comments might help me remember!*

1 comment:

Sweet Harper said...

Just found out about regretsy on twitter...good stuff!

BTW, I have something sunny for you on my blog!


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