Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey there, new plush.

This post is being written whilst jumping up every two minutes to check...
and see if those dogs are still in the...
yard. You see, we're having some fence issues. Just yesterday, the neigh...
bor came up and told me that they were around the corner. Escaped pugs!
Just 2 Pugz
And I had to chase them down. Anyway!
Hey, new work. Let's look, won't we?
New birds! Made with the goodness of genuine Regretsy fabrics.

New pompom dogs, too.
I am especially in love with the Dingleberry dog. That pompom head of his? Kid mohair yarn, baby. So soft!!
Spoonflower cotton is pretty nice to work with, if you were wondering.
(Pug/fence update: I just checked. They're in the very corner of the front yard. As close to the neighbors as they can get.)

And in case you missed the original Regretsy 5 Chickenpants and simply won't be happy again until you can have one for yourself:

I am now offering design your own Regretsy Chickenpants.

Anyway, you can find all these creatures and more in the Regretsy Plush section of ye olde etsy shoppe.

Now I have to go and see where those dogs are.


CAPow! said...

those pom pom animals are adorable!

Mary said...

these are so cute!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you both!


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